I am Dharmavira das a disciple of A.C. Bhaktivedanta swami founder acharya of international society for Krishna consciousness.

I have been a student of astrology, numerology and palmistry for more than 35 years and I still consider myself a student of this great science.

I graduated as a accounting science graduate from the university of South Africa and I met my guru Srila Prabhupada in South Africa in 1975.

Srila Prabhupada was also a very keen follower of astrology right up to his departure from this material world. Nevertheless he still lives in his sound vibration through his numerous books and audios.

I presently live in Radha kunda at the foothills of Sri Goverdhan where Sri Krishna and the gopis had the most intimate pastimes. This place is indifferent from the original Goloka Vrindavan in the spiritual sky.

  Vedic astrology & Numerology

To get the most accurate results from one birth chart one must know the time of one’s birth and the place of birth.

Numerology does not require the time of birth but the name given to you as per your birth certificate together with the correct date of birth.

Vedic astrology

No science or art is more useful, instructive than the science of astrology for material and spiritual purposes.

> Astrology is a science based on the movement of the various planets to foretelling the future of nations and of human beings. Planets are constantly in motion with respect to earth in the skies. The movement of the nine planets give us important clues about the destinies of individual human beings.

Western astrology divides people’s date of birth with a particular sun sign, for example Aires, Taurus, Gemini etc. But this is not logical or rational so the month of one’s birth is totally inadequate to determine one’s destiny.

Even the date and hour of birth is not sufficient to make accurate forecasts in regard to one’s future. There are many twins in this world who lead completely different lives.

Vedic astrology of India is the most comprehensive study of astrology available today. Indian astrology can explain how twin’s can be different. It has the tools and techniques to model out the complicated human life.

Astrology is the limb of the Vedas and in particular it is said to be the eye of the Vedas. Seven planets are considered in vedic astrology. They are the sun, moon, mars, and mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. In addition we have two shadow planets called Rahu and Ketu which are not actually planets but mathematical points.

Apart from these nine planets there are 11 mathematical points known as sub planets. We also have the lagna (ascendant), which is the point that rises on the eastern horizon as the earth rotates around itself. In addition we have mathematical points called special lagna for example Arudha lagna, Chandra lagna, Surya lagna etc. In vedic astrology we used fixed zodiac and our predictions are based on this.





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